The moments that add spark into my life

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tasha and Melissa celebrate their birthdays!

Me and one of my very bestest estest's Tasha...she has been my life saver!!
Laura (whom is so sweet), me, Payton, and Tasha
Like our matching light up crowns?
Lindsay and me in oue Volcom shirts!
AJ(my 3rd roommate...Lindsays boyfriend who spends the day at our place), Lindsay, Payton, and part of Zach!

Payton head turns 1!!!

Meet Payton (another Campbell Clan). She's hugging the puppy I gave her for her birthday!
Zach with Payton's ...(can't remember the name)
Birthday cake, before she got a hold of it!
Payton diggin' in! I love this baby, she is always giggling and laughing. She has recently started saying Issa (Melissa--haha) and apparently wakes up every morning asking for Issa!
Opening more presents!
Me and my mom feeding the baby bears at bear world
They're so cute...
Me and my niece in her Easter dress from Aunt Melissa. Statton was too busy playin outside to take time for pics!
Good Samaritan celebrated their 40th anniversary and in celebration they hosted a car show and free barbecure for the puclic. The CEO and all the head hanchos came in on their motorcycles and even gave some of the residents a ride. This one here they did not ride, but one of our nurse's husbands rigged it up and I thought it was pretty cool.
The bikes our Resident's rode...I was so scared they would fall off

Me with one of the funniest and sweetest people I coworker and very good Chili's The Chukar...
Once again, the Chukar...what more can I say?
Me with a Moose of course, at Cabela's in Boise. Too bad it's not real, huh?
Finally, a picture of Marco...Marcus and I at the Frosty Gator where they have the best potato skins and fried mushrooms in town!!

It's a miracle!!

Me and one of my old roommates from Boise!!
Me and her baby pushing me...she loved it so much that she was screaming when I had to go
Me and my wonderful new roommate Lindsay(part of the Campbell family with whom I spend all of my time)...I look rough in this pic, so ignore that!
Apparently I am exhausted in this picture, but look how long my hair is getting...that's a miracle for me!!
Me witha another part of the Campbell Clan, Jim, at the Chukars baseball game!

I know ya'll can't believe it, but yes it is true, I am finally updating my blog. Basically I spend my day working and solving issues with the elderly and yes they have roommate problems just like they were a bunch of college students, but they have all become like a big family to me and I know it sounds crazy but I sort of miss them on the weekends (did I just say that?) I can't believe summer is over. I spent my summer doing a whole bunch of random things such as attending concerts, going to baseball games, fishing, eating more hot dogs and marshmellows than you could ever dream and I don't care to ever eat one again. Mostly, I spent a lot of time with family and friends so I will post a few updated pictures of my life...