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Friday, September 12, 2008

It's a miracle!!

Me and one of my old roommates from Boise!!
Me and her baby pushing me...she loved it so much that she was screaming when I had to go
Me and my wonderful new roommate Lindsay(part of the Campbell family with whom I spend all of my time)...I look rough in this pic, so ignore that!
Apparently I am exhausted in this picture, but look how long my hair is getting...that's a miracle for me!!
Me witha another part of the Campbell Clan, Jim, at the Chukars baseball game!

I know ya'll can't believe it, but yes it is true, I am finally updating my blog. Basically I spend my day working and solving issues with the elderly and yes they have roommate problems just like they were a bunch of college students, but they have all become like a big family to me and I know it sounds crazy but I sort of miss them on the weekends (did I just say that?) I can't believe summer is over. I spent my summer doing a whole bunch of random things such as attending concerts, going to baseball games, fishing, eating more hot dogs and marshmellows than you could ever dream and I don't care to ever eat one again. Mostly, I spent a lot of time with family and friends so I will post a few updated pictures of my life...



YEAH!!!! You're back! Looks like you've been busy and having a ton of fun. Take care!

4whlgrl said...

Good to see all the updates. It looks like you had a fun summer. Take care.

Rebekah said...

good to see you back on the blog! i love seeing pics of you! we need to get together i miss you!

kemm sellers said...

I love the pics. Your hair is so long and beautiful. I miss you like crazy. I am glad you had a great summer. Life is exciting. take care